Way for Prince Harry into King Charles’ life blocked by family – he’s ‘gone too far’ | Royal | News

Relations have been tense between King Charles and Prince Harry, but a royal expert believes there is a way back for these two, but it’d be up to Charles to take the first step and put his arm around his son’s shoulder.

Russell Myers appeared on the latest episode of Pod Save the King and spoke to host Ann Gripper about the hard feelings over King Charles’ birthday.

A dispute has played out publically over Charles’ birthday and whether or not his son, Harry, was invited, and whether or not, Harry declined the invite.

It’s still unclear what happened and what didn’t happen, but Myers has urged both to just “hug it out.”

Myers believes as long as there are no other “bumps in the road” or “mudslinging” they can get back to a good place.

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Myers kicked off the conversation by doing an inventory of what his sources were telling him: “Where are relations now? Speaking to people yesterday, there were some that were saying this could be the sort of green shoots of a new relationship.”

He adds: “And certainly, there is a feeling in the camp, if there were to be no other bumps in the road, I suppose, and mudslinging, then there is definitely a way back for Harry and his relationship with his father because the old verse that has been troped out is that Charles loves his two sons dearly, he doesn’t want to make any distinction, despite anything that has happened.”

Myers suggests the father-son duo start small and work their way up from there. He said: “I think that if Harry is going to find a way back into the royal fold, not certainly as a working royal, but just being invited round for a Christmas lunch or birthday parties, like we had this week with the King, it certainly has to start with his father, and it needs for his father to just put his arm around him and perhaps say, ‘Bygones are bygones.”

Myers admits it’s not going to be easy for Harry. He said, “But there are definitely members of the family who feel like Harry has gone more than a step too far and perhaps there is no way back for them.”

And Harry would have to be the one who is accommodating to schedules, saying: “I doubt he’ll be making it over to California anytime soon, but possibly there is an opportunity for Harry, in the next year or so, if he can get a moment in the King’s diary, which is getting busier and busier, to try and be up with his dad and hug it out.”

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