Body cam footage captures sick moment son grins hours after he murdered his mum | UK | News

Just 48 hours after punching, kicking and stamping on his mum then leaving her for dead, Lewis Bush laughed as police arrested him.

The 25-year old who has been jailed for life for the murder of Kelly Pitt, 44, can be seen on body cam footage asking officers in Newport, Wales: “Murder? Are you joking me?

“What? My mum is dead? Serious? You are joking me? My mum’s gone?”

Following a chilling two-year campaign of abuse, on May 10, Bush attacked his mum as she screamed down the phone and begged her daughter Jordan for help.

No follow up calls were made but Jordan spent two days messaging Kelly until her body was found.

Jordan also rang her brother, who told her their mum was unwell in bed.

After a neighbour found Kelly in a blood-soaked duvet with broken glass and clumps of her own hair surrounding her, the post-mortem found she’d suffered “severe blunt-force trauma to the head, neck and trunk”.

Kelly, a grandmother, also had 41 fractures to her ribs. The court heard she would have suffered “considerable physical pain before her death”.

After the murder, Bush, who was on bail at the time, left his mother for dead and went to buy a bottle of Stella lager from nearby shops.

At the police station, he is seen on CCTV saying: “You won’t harm me or nothing will you? It seems like you’re all going to fill me in.”

The Sun reported that Newport Crown Court heard a victim impact statement from Jordan Bush, who said she regretted not calling the police.

“I have to live with that guilt every day,” she added.

Addressing her brother in the dock, Jordan said: “Our mother will never get to see her granddaughter grow up because of what you did. I am now alone without a mum, sister or brother because you are no brother of mine.”

Bush changed his plea to guilty weeks before the trial began. He was jailed for life with a minimum of 16 years.

Judge Daniel Williams said: “Over the years, the court has heard, you subjected your poor mother to a great deal of violence. You bullied her and others in your family. You were on bail for having assaulted your mother when you murdered her.

“That Kelly’s life should end as it did is a wrong that no sentence will right.”

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