Borderlands 4, Wonderlands 2 and Brothers In Arms leaked by developer

Borderlands Legendary Collection – Psycho power (pic: 2K)

It looks like Gearbox is working on at least three separate sequels at the moment, even though none of them have been announced.

We often talk about how it’s near impossible to tell how a video game has sold nowadays, given physical sales are an increasingly minor factor and most companies don’t reveal how well titles have sold digitally.

Last year’s Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, for example, didn’t seem to make much impact at all, and yet developer Gearbox described it as having ‘shattered’ sales targets, thereby guaranteeing new ‘experiences’ in the franchise.

That seems to be more than just empty bluster, as references to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 2, as well as Borderlands 4 and Brothers In Arms, have been found on a developer’s LinkedIn profile.

Borderlands 4 is obviously a given, especially with a movie adaptation on the way, but since it was seven years between Borderlands 2 and 3 that makes it very hard to guess when a fourth one might arrive.

Brothers In Arms was a popular tactical shooter series, born in the early 2000s during the glut of Second World War themed games inspired by the success of the pre-Modern Warfare Call Of Duty titles.

Its last mainline entry (after comedy spin-off Furious 4 was cancelled) was in 2008 and while Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford has already promised a new entry nothing has ever been heard of it until now.

The references appeared in the LinkedIn profile of former Lost Boys Interactive technical director Randel Reiss, a support studio that has worked on a number of Take-Two titles, including WWE 2K23.

Reiss also mentions working on Amazin’s New World, Elder Scrolls Online, and something referred to as Zombie Sim UE4. There’s no indication of what the latter is, or what company it relates to, but the fact that it was Unreal Engine 4 instead of 5 may mean it was an older, possibly now abandoned, project.

Last year, it was claimed that Gearbox was working on nine new titles, although that almost certainly included third party games it will be handling for other companies though its Gearbox Publishing label.

The bigger question at the moment, is whether Gearbox is going to be sold by Embracer Group, which bought it in 2021 but has indicated it may end up selling it, after its massive spending spree crashed and burned exactly the way everyone thought it would.

If Gearbox is sold off then the obvious suitor would be Take-Two, who own the rights to Borderlands, but then it’s odd that they didn’t buy them when they had the chance before.

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