TikTok mum shares the things that she finds ‘weird’ about UK | US | News

A mum from the Utah, US who moved to the UK has shared her experiences of British life, including some customs she finds strange.

In one of her videos, Mrs Wilkinson described their first few days in England as “incredible and exhausting”.

She said: “We’re trying to set everything up (so much harder than expected!!) while taking breaks to adventure.”

Wilkinson also shared some things she found odd about the UK, like how parents register their children for school.

She advised: “Whatever you do, don’t try to register your kids through the school, you have to go through the city and be prepared to wait a long time for your placement.”

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The Utah mum admitted this process was “much harder than expected” and revealed that it’s usually better to apply for schools before the January deadline, something they didn’t know as they hadn’t planned to move at that time.

The expat was particularly frustrated by the lack of plug sockets in British bathrooms.

She exclaimed: “There are no mirrors or outlets in our bathroom. So I can’t plug in a blow dryer or a straightener, que extension cords!”

This odd British trait sparked a flurry of comments, with users warning Mrs Wilkinson about the dangers of using electrical appliances in the bathroom.

@Meatballthescousepug warned: “Please don’t get an extension for the bathroom… we have much higher voltage electricity here… just dry your hair in your bedroom mirror.”

Another user couldn’t understand why Americans struggled with the concept of not mixing water and electricity, to which Mrs Wilkinson responded: “It’s because we’ve gone our entire lives plugging things in our bathroom and never ONCE have we gotten it wet.”

Another thing that puzzled Mrs Wilkinson was the narrow country roads and the need to “be prepared to pay attention to oncoming traffic.”

User @hollyloses found it amusing, saying: “It’s wild that you’ve had to learn to be prepared to pay attention to traffic.”

Mrs Wilkinson also shared her struggle to get a bank account in the UK without a UK phone number.

She explained that she couldn’t get a bank account without a phone number, but also couldn’t get a phone number without a UK bank account.

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