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Dramatic footage has been published by UK police of the arrest of a number of gang members – including their Albanian leader who had a huge picture of Scarface in his flat – after their cocaine empire was brought down.

A number of coordinated raids in London and the Midlands was enough to see the end of the ten-man organised crime group, with a total of 71 years of jail time being handed collectively to them so far. 

The gang pushed £1.1m of cocaine wrapped in lottery tickets into towns across Leicestershire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire, and was led by brothers Edmund and Edward Haziri, reports the Daily Mail.  

It all started when a police community support officer noticed a vehicle acting suspiciously in the sleepy town of Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Investigators soon linked it to drug dealing in the area, which then helped them spot other vehicles involved too. Eventually, this led officers first to a middle-man in Leicester, Gazmend Hoxha, followed by the rest of the gang, including 36-year-old Edmund and his 34-year-old brother Edward, in London. 

Leicester-based Hoxha was found to regularly drive to London and back, where he would drop cash off and collect the next batch of cocaine to distribute to the gang’s estimated 145 users each day.

Police have now released the bodycam footage of the raids (around the three minute mark of the seven minute video) in which multiple mobile phones and lots of cash were seized, as well as footage of the Scarface poster. They took place at 7am across a series of addresses in London and Leicester in March last year.

Despite the mobile phone discoveries, the team was missing the key ‘line phone’ – the main one used to take orders of drugs. 

It was only after the raids that investigators realised the full extent of the gang’s activities – the key mobile phone had been tossed out of the window during one such raid in Blackheath Hill, South London, offering all the evidence needed. However, they had to unlock the device successfully within a small number of attempts, otherwise risking the phone locking completely.

After analysing hundreds of hours of surveillance footage, the officers found a clip of Alban Krasniqi using it at a convenience shop. Zooming in, officers confirmed the phone was the same and just about made out what code he typed in. 

After unlocking it themselves, the phone unveiled lots of evidence of drug orders, drop locations, dates, contacts and more – helping secure charges of conspiracy to supply class A drugs. 

The gang were convicted of conspiring to supply cocaine and were jailed for a combined total of 71 years and seven months at Derby Crown Court. 

One member of the gang, Daniel Stavrat, 29, is yet to be sentenced though, so this combined total will likely increase next month. 

The full list of those sentenced is below: 

Edmund Haziri, 36, of no fixed address – jailed for 15 years

Edward Haziri, 34, of Lewisham, London – jailed for 15-and-a-half years

Gazmend Hoxha, 47, of Leicester – jailed for 11 years

Alban Krasniqi, 34, of Blackheath Hill, London – jailed for nine years

Samuel Stoica, 25, of Wolverhampton – jailed for eight years and three months

Simion Stoica, 22, of Wolverhampton – jailed for three-and-a-half years

Kristi Prifti, 23, of no fixed address – jailed for four years

Joshua Garrigan, 32, of Coalville – jailed for two years and eight months

Razvan Manoliu, 27, of Burton-upon-Trent – jailed for two years and eight months

Daniel Stavrat, 29, of no fixed address – due to be sentenced next month

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