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How did we get here today? The Politico website has published a very interesting timetable of all the roadblocks and stumbles the Conservatives have faced since announcing the Rwanda deportation policy in April 2022.


April: Priti Patel, then-Home Secretary, signs the Rwanda deal

May: 50 people are told they’ll go in a fortnight

June: Prince Charles brands the plan as “appalling”

June: The first flight is blocked in a last-minute ECHR ruling, with Boris Johnson refusing to ignore it

October: New Home Secretary Suella Braverman tells Tory conference it’s her “dream” to get deportations going

November: The Home Office’s permanent secretary says he does not know whether it will be value for money

December: The High Court rules the Rwanda scheme lawful


June: The Court of Appeal rules the plan unlawful by 2:1

November: The Supreme Court to decide whether to overturn the Court of Appeal’s ruling

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