Royal Family LIVE: Prince Harry influenced by Meghan Markle to ‘dislike his own family’ | Royal | News

A royal expert has claimed that Meghan Markle has influenced Prince Harry so much that he now dislikes his own family.

Royal expert Angella ELevin claimed that it was Meghan who “influenced” the prince to leave the UK and the Royal Family.

Speaking to GB News Levin said: “I think Meghan is a lot to blame and she’s poured into him all the things that are terribly wrong and that she’s made him really dislike his own family and his own country.

“Meghan didn’t like the UK. She found it too small. And if you’d ever listen to her carefully, she always wanted to talk about global. She wanted her work to be global. She feels to be global and the UK is not grand enough for her.

Ms Levin’s comments come the day after Prince Harry called King Charles to mark his father’s 75th birthday on Tuesday.

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