NFL player Damar Hamlin receives CPR after collapsing on field in Bills Bengals game

Damar Hamlin, who plays safety for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, received CPR and was carted off the field in an ambulance on Monday night, after collapsing to the ground following a tackle against Cincinnati Bengals receiver Tee Higgins.

The hit came in the first quarter of the game in Cincinnati.

Damar Hamlin during a 2022 game against the Cleveland Browns

(Getty Images)

Mr Hamlin reportedly hit Mr Higgins on a play, stood to his feet, then crumpled to the ground.

First-responders rushed on field and administered CPR, before driving the injured safety away in an ambulance.

“Have never seen what’s happening in this Bengals-Bills game,” sports journalist Jemele Hill wrote on Twitter on Monday. “Player has been down for several minutes and is receiving CPR, according to the broadcast. This is truly terrifying. Praying for Damar Hamlin.”

Players on both the Bills and the Bengals could be seen kneeling, crying, standing near Mr Hamlin, and praying as the player received treatment.

Mr Hamlin needed both an automated external defibrillator and CPR on field, and left the field with a pulse but unable to breathe on his own, Fox 19 reports.

The injured player is being taken to the University of Cincinnati for treatment, according to Fox 19.

The game between the two teams has been temporarily suspended.

“The NFL Players Association and everyone in our community is praying for Damar Hamlin. We have been in touch with Bills and Bengals players, and with the NFL,” the organisation said in a statement,” ESPN reports. “The only thing that matters at this moment is Damar’s health and well being.”

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