Exclusive Footage Raises New Questions, Sources Say No Injury To Victim’s Private Part

New Delhi: In another development in the Kanjhawala case, a new CCTV footage has emerged from a shop near the incident spot where police personnel could be seen near the place where a 20-year-old woman was dragged for 12 kilometres by a car after her scooty collided. In the CCTV footage, a police van could be seen passing through the CCTV camera at around 3:25 am while two policemen could be seen walking seconds after that. 

As per the shop owners, the scooty was recovered just 50-100 metres away from where this CCTV camera was located. 

Meanwhile, the inital postmortem report suggested that the girl was not gangraped, an allegation that was leveled by the victim’s family, sources told ABP News.

The report also added that there has been no injury to private parts of the victim. 

Investigation into the Kanjhawala case revealed earlier that the victim was not riding the scooty alone and was accompanied by a friend who fled the spot at the time of the accident. The friend was earlier riding the scooty, informed sources close to ABP News. 

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At 1:31 am on January 1, both the victim and her friend were seen coming out of a hotel after New Year’s party and the friend, in a red T-shirt was seen riding the scooty while the victim, in a pink t-shirt, sat on the backseat. 

After covering some distance, the victim said to ride the scooty after which they changed their places and later the incident happened where the victim’s scooty hit a car and her leg got entangled in the axle of the car and got dragged for 13 kilometres. 

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