Canceled flights leave several without a way back home

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Many Americans were headed home to see family and friends or go on a vacation but found themselves stranded at the airport with a winter storm hitting various places around the U.S.

Several airlines were not fully operational toward the end of the holiday season. According to AAA, 7.17 million people traveled by air during the holiday.

“They canceled about 3000 flights in Atlanta,” passenger Essence Lollis said.

Many had to keep their eye on the weather.

“I was also worried about Colorado because there’s a blizzard. My flight took off,” passenger Jeremiah Jones said. “So I got a little worried because I was delayed a few times coming here because of the snow.”

“We kept our eye on Delta,” passenger Boone Macintosh said. “We made sure it was all on time and everything.

The flight delays or cancellations made it uneasy for passengers just to book another flight. As a result, some passengers got stuck in airports for hours.

“I had originally got a flight booked from Atlanta’s airport, and they ended up canceling my flight,” Lollis said. “I had a rough patch before I got on the plane. First, my Atlanta airport was canceled. Then I booked another flight and ended up booking it in Panama City, in Panama, instead of Panama City, Florida, like out of the country.”

Angie Roberts said she made it back to Panama City from San Francisco and was just one of the many who had lost luggage.

“There was just tons and tons and tons of luggage that came in late needing to be delivered already,” Roberts said. “It was probably a nightmare for a few days, and I feel like I had it better than most.”

Southwest Airlines, which had the most problems after the recent severe weather, is back up and running. Company officials said they will be offering refunds and covering expenses.

While flights seem to be back on schedule, experts said it is always best to check with your airline before heading to the airport.

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