January brings new laws to Florida

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — With the new year comes new laws across the state of Florida. Some laws, however, will have more of an impact on Bay County residents. Here are the most noteworthy: 

Miya’s Law (SB 898)

Anyone that works at an apartment complex with more than five units will now be required to  undergo a federal background check

The law was passed after a maintenance worker abducted Florida college student Miya Marcano from her apartment.

“We need tenant safety. This is one way that we can move forward and hope that we can cut back on some of these offenses that usually end up in death,” Florida State Senator Linda Stewart said. 

Librarian Training ( HB 1467)

This law, which requires school librarians to undergo a class, is part of the increased controversy over what books should be on the shelves of school libraries.  

The program was developed by the Florida Department of Education to help establish more finite guild lines for what is and is not allowed.

Along with the training, the law also establishes “Regular removal or discontinuance” of books. 

Property Insurance(SB 2A) 

 State leaders hope a new law will help prop up the ailing insurance industry.  

Florida’s Optional Reinsurance Assistance Program (FORA) is a billion-dollar safety net designed to aid insurance companies.

In the wake of natural disasters, many property insurance companies in the Sunshine State may go bankrupt leaving residents in a compromising position. 

“If the companies get downgraded, they have to shed policies,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said. “Those will end up going on Citizens (Property Insurance) anyway. So the exposure to Citizens is more to take on the policies than it will be to act as a reinsure of last resort.”

Officials said the new law will help prevent this and similar natural disaster-related issues for Florida residents.

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